Surface cleaning

Twist knotted cup brushes

- Best removal rate at high rotational speed

  • Suitable for difficult cleaning tasks
  • Reliable when removing rust, slug and remains of concrete , surface treatment
  • Solid construction allows high rotational speeds resulting in great performance and long life span
  • Can be used on manually operated and stationary machines

Surface cleaning brush with crimped wire

- Suitable for many tasks

  • Particular suitable for cleaning  large metal parts
  • Removal of rust, slug, paint or similar remains
  • Can easily be fitted onto angle grinders

Filament grit can be also be supplied , see listing for complete programme

Surface cleaning brush with twist knotted wire

- Bei großen Flächen auf Draht

  • Particular suitable for tough cleaning jobs for chassis, ship building and construction work
  • Can be used on large surfaces, but also on delicate parts such as welding constructions, pillars and structural parts
  • Cheap alternative to twist knotted cup brushes